Reactionary and tactical gameplay

  • Complete freedom of attack and block direction performed with simple controls, allowing players to concentrate on their battle tactics and series of manoeuvres and to control the flow of the battle.
  • There are hundreds of ways to variate attacks and players have complete freedom to move the weapon and player character around, encouraging them to experiment and find the fighting style that suits them best.

Four multiplayer game modes

  • Players can charge into combat together with their clan mate warriors in Team Deathmatch and Boreal Battle modes where two teams go up against each other.
  • Boreal Claim mode consists of two teams who take turns attacking or defending a banner against the other team.
  • In Deathmatch it is everyone for themselves – the first warrior to get 20 kills wins the match!

Four different fighting styles

  • Hundreds of weapons, shields, pieces of armour and battle items for developing customized fighting styles and battle tactics.

Detailed character creation and game world

  • Create your warrior and choose their equipment, accessories and weapons and customize their appearance with jewellery, facial hair and armour dyes.
  • Explore the different fighting arenas across the Nordic mythology inspired, paintinglike Norvalg.


“May Cado grant me the endurance of a mighty Elk. May Gadin make me fierce as a Bear. And may Fiure keep me hidden from the harm, like a Crow soaring to the night sky.”

Norvalgians are people dedicated to searching for the truth and serving their gods. Both of these ideals are combined in their oldest tradition: debating. Whenever a decision needs to be made – whether it is about heading to war or choosing where the cheese should go in a sandwich – fierce Norvalgian warriors gather in their famous debating arenas, pray for strength from their gods and fight. The gods guide Norvalgians by granting victory to the team that champions the cause of truth and justice.

The most venerated and experienced debaters are eventually named Battlemasters who organize the events and serve as guides and teachers for the young warriors.

“An emissary from Norvalg arrived yesterday. He handed me a stained scabbard and waited for me to draw the heavy sword from it before starting to recite a ceremonial poem with his thundering voice. My sword arm and quick wits were needed, he told me, to settle matters for once and all. That was how I received my first Boreal Blade.”

Debates are the cornerstone of the Norvalgian society, and they are deemed holy. Stories are spun, and songs are sung about the renown arena fighters and their clans. Anyone attempting to evade their debating responsibilities is considered a coward.

Sometimes it is deemed wise to ask counsel from non-Norvalgians, especially if the debate at hand involves outsiders. Warriors from outside Norvalg’s borders are invited to partake in the debates by sending them a Boreal Blade sword. Most outsiders consider Norvalgian debating tradition confusing and absurd and rather run and hide than make the perilous journey to the north.